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Chipping It Into the Hole

There is nothing more fantastic and enthralling than chipping from off the green into the hole. Just imagine if we could do this once a day during our round of golf. Even if it is only a 20-foot chip shot, if it goes into the hole it makes the whole round of golf worthwhile. We should strive for this especially on chips of 20 yards or less. A short chip like this is really just a long putt with a twist.

The short chips are very important to save par when we don’t hit the green. So we should spend a lot of time working and practicing on these shots in putting our golf tips into practice.

There are several golf tips that I found useful in helping with the short chips.

1- Most people can practice these short chips almost anywhere, such as in their own yard, a friend’s yard, or around the practice green.

2- Practice using a variety of clubs for the same distance and use whichever is your most consistent club especially if you have a lot of room for a roll before the hole.

3- Pretend it is just a modified putt and use some aspects of golf putting tips if it is a pitch and run situation.

4- Just like practicing golf putting tips, practice these short chips as often as you can because they can be very important in shaving a few strokes off your score.

5- Concentrate on getting a feel for the right distance in the shots because that may be very important in getting up and down.

Remember these golf tips if you want to get to be an expert chipper and improve your golf score.

Become an expert chipper may be easier than you think. Looking forward to sinking your next chip.

About the Author

Don Halloran is dedicated to making everyone have a more enjoyable and better golf experience. Don is not a professional golfer but has accumulated many tips through his years of golfing through many lessons and books to share with fellow golfers.

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