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Golf Swing Series: Chipping Across A Bunker

I want to tell you how I hit a ball over a bunker and onto the green. I consider this my one and only trick shot. You have to have the courage to hit the ball quite hard. If you don’t, you will land in the bunker.

How often have you done that when you have tried to hit the ball onto the green over a bunker?

Lots of times, I expect.

Me too.

Most times because anxiety has made me lift my head.

You are having a good game and you need this shot to have a good chance to win the championship.

This puts more stress on you and you tighten up. Therefore, the first thing to do is to stay loose. I hope you are doing this before every shot.

Grip the club as gently as possible but at the same time maintaining control over it.

The ball has to be on a bit of grass which lifts it up above the actual earth. If you are on hardpan or in a divot, think twice before you attempt this shot.

You place the ball just to the left of your left foot.

Open your clubface so that it faces more towards the sky.

Put most of your weight onto your left foot. Keep your head still during the shot.

Have your hands behind the ball.

Now hit the ball sliding the clubhead beneath the ball. The ball will rise in the air, travel a small way, and drop vertically.

you will experience tremendous satisfaction when you pull off this shot.

You will have to practice with the sand wedge and pitching wedge to ascertain the distances each will send the ball.

It is a great shot saving shot, and one well worth perfecting.

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