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Do You Understand Golf Club Swing Weight

Golf club swing weight. Have you heard that term before?

A rather effective method of improving the golf swing is by adding extra weight to the club and then going through the motions of swinging. This sort of exercise has many advantages apart from the fact that it is very golf-specific and works on building the exact muscles you use during a golf swing or drive.

The other reason why extra weight on the club dramatically improves any golf swing is that the whole swing movement usually feels very unnatural to the body. You can easily tell this from the body violently resists it, making the golf swing one of the most difficult things to master in the golf game.

The extra weight on the golf club even as you practice the swing quickly builds up and conditions the muscles involved so that the next time you do a golf swing, it feels much more natural. The result is that you will be able to execute a much better drive.

The best way of achieving extra weight on a club is by using a weighted club. A weighted club has several advantages. The one that probably comes to mind first is its portable nature.

It can be carried around everywhere. You have seen those movies where the executive is practicing their golf swing even while in a serious meeting discussing weighty issues with juniors.

Maybe this is a little too exaggerated but the point is that with such a mobile piece of useful golf equipment, there is no limit to where or when you can practice your swing with it. Either in the comfort of your home or office.

This can only help you see the dramatic results much faster as you go about exercising and conditioning your golf-swing-specific muscles by practicing a golf swing with some extra weight on the club.

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