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First of all, you should know that when the term iron is used concerning golf it means the metal blade (or head) attached to the golf stick. Selecting the right golf irons is considered the basic step towards the improvement of the game. These golf irons are available in different sizes and finishes. You can choose golf iron according to your style.

Primarily golf irons come in two finishes namely metal finish and satin finish. You may find a rare golf iron with a Fly Yellow finish. The pressure casting method is used for manufacturing these golf irons. The golf irons are made up of soft metals. Some manufacturers prefer to couple these soft metals with steel shafts which according to them provide excellent results. The propriety of forgiveness is considered as a quality of good golf iron. This property gives you the advantage to hit the golf club without a change in direction or any vibration. Let us elaborate on the different types of golf irons.

  • Gunmetal finish Golf Irons: These are considered to be the best golf irons. These gunmetal finish golf irons possess the propriety of Ion plasma. This plasma finish enables the golf iron to gain a finish level of fewer than .03 microns. These gunmetal finish golf irons are usually handcrafted and give improved performance and a great feel while playing with them.
  • The latest and rarer version of yellow finish golf iron also possesses all properties of other gunmetal golf irons and is manufactured through the pressure cast method. However, it is said that these yellow finish golf irons give a slippery feeling that results in reducing drag. You must understand that this yellow finish is not a coating of the surface. The yellow finish completely immerses into cast metal and is long-lasting. Playing with these yellow finish golf irons will surely add to your pleasure of playing golf.
  • Satin finish golf irons are considered to be traditional. These are also manufactured through the pressure cast method. It is considered that making these satin finish golf irons makes them consistent than that of forged club heads. Satin finish golf irons also have all properties of gunmetal golf irons.
  • Mid-size Golf Irons: As is suggestive from the nomenclature, these golf irons are neither too short nor too big. These mid-size golf irons consist of a thin topline which is considered to be designed especially for professional golfers. Perimeter weighting is the primary quality of these golf irons. This quality provides forgiveness without conceding feel and distance. It is considered very useful in clubhead control and greater speed of swing owing to lighter swing weight. This is also helpful in producing click impact as mid-size irons have a slight offset which helps in keeping your hand in front of the club. Generally, these mid-size golf irons are available in gunmetal finish.
  • Oversize Golf Iron: These golf irons are produced with stainless steel. They possess a wider top line. Oversize golf irons are a little more offset than the other type of cavity back golf irons. Oversize golf irons are designed to keep the high handicap and mid-handicap professional golfers in view. These are considered useful in hitting the golf ball high in the air. These oversize golf irons facilitate you in hitting the ball at a longer distance with greater accuracy. Oversize golf irons are mainly available in Graphite and Steel shafts.

Selecting the right golf putter is equally important in improving your game. Golf putters are an aspect of concern for all golfers. The selection of golf putters depends on your personal choice of weight, look, and style. Golf putters are available in different specifications. Cobra, Ping, Yes Putters, McGregor, Odyssey, and Callaway are some popular names of manufacturers of golf putters.

by Gordon Petten

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