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Golf Swing Series: Accurate Golf Shots – Chipping

Are you hitting accurate pitches and chips to the green?

Anyone can get to within striking distance of the green, but it is what we do from there on that is important don’t you think?

Firstly, you must never quit on the shot. This means to decelerate the clubhead speed as it gets near the ball.

It is essential that you hit your chips and pitches with the same clubhead speed every time.

Shorter shots need a shorter backswing, but the clubhead speed remains the same for every shot that you pitch or chip towards the pin. It becomes obvious that the longer the backswing, the more club speed is generated as the clubhead travels further before it hits the ball. However, the swing speed is constant. For example, to emphasize my point, if you take your club back only 1 foot, the ball will not go very far, will it? A backswing to 9-0-clock will send the ball much further. The swing speed for both distances remains constant.

If you do not like to stop your clubhead at 9-0-clock on the backswing, then by all means take a full swing, and hit softer. However, I repeat, the clubhead speed has to be constant. The same principle as when you are putting. The putter blade speed is constant, isn’t it? To hit a longer put you take the putter back a few inches more. Your judgment of distance is great when you have mastered this, isn’t it? The same with your pitch shots.

When you have mastered this very important principle, you will be delighted with the feel you will develop around the greens.

The only other must is that you must WATCH the ball. Keep your head down until the ball is well on its way. Whatever you do, see the divot before looking up.

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