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How to Drive a Golf Ball

If you could find one thing that probably every golfer in the world would like to improve, it will be his or her drive. While we all have our own areas that need improvement, or that we need to work on to really get comfortable with, a longer, straighter more powerful drive is something that every golfer, no matter what their abilities or level, would certainly benefit from.

There are really three aspects to a good drive. The first is direction. There is really no point in having a very powerful golf drive if you have no control over where the ball will fly once you hit it. Control over the direction of the ball is vital, therefore. Getting better control over the ball depends to a degree on your technique, but also on experience. There are certain ways you can improve your swing so that you will have more control over the fly of your ball once you drive it. There are many exercises and practice routines that you can find the work on this aspect of your drive.

However, getting the technique right is not everything. As well as knowing how to hit the ball you need to have an eye for where it is going. This will include taking weather conditions into account. This is really only something that you can learn from practice and experience but it is remarkable what a difference it will make to your drive if there is a strong headwind. The same is true if the wind is going with you. While different golfers have different philosophies on how you should deal with different weather conditions, one thing is for sure. The only way to really get a feel for how different weather conditions will affect your drive is to go out and play.

The pitch of your drive will sometimes be relevant although the driver usually controls this and there are not many holes when you will need to consider using a different club. However, there will be some and you should willing to use the right club for the right shot.

Strength and fitness will also come into the quality of your drive. While everyone says it is not how hard you hit the ball, but simply how you hit the ball, the fact is that golfers are getting fitter and this is having an impact on their game.

by Mike Singh

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