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How To Ensure A Good Golf Swing

Many golf pros may disagree on various techniques for driving or putting but there is one point that they all agree with, maintaining your balance during your swing. It is virtually impossible to have a good stroke if you do not keep your balance. It sounds simple enough to do, however, in practice we see people making the mistake of gripping too hard and trying to kill the ball which results in your entire body is stiff and off-balance.

When teaching a newcomer to play golf, a good golf pro will caution the novice golfer not to attempt to hit the ball too hard. The reason for this is that a focused well-placed strike on the ball will result in a much better drive than merely hitting the ball as hard as you can and hitting the ball off-center.

One of the most important aspects to ensuring a good swing is to keep your head still. This is crucial as the less you move your head the better focus you will have on the ball. This also goes a long way to helping you keep your balance. Again, keep your head perfectly still and don’t move it while you complete your swing.

It is very important that you relax your body and your muscles to keep your balance. Your head will definitely move if you don’t relax.

One good method for developing a good swing is to practice in front of a mirror. By doing so, you will quickly realize that you need to relax your muscles for your head to stay still while you swing. There are no two golfers with the same build, so you will have to work out some things for yourself. One thing that is not optional is to begin by keeping your head in the same position from the beginning to end of your swing. If you keep your head still, you will be able to focus on the ball, and you will turn your hands at the right time. Keeping your head still will cure many other minor problems

If you don’t follow through correctly, you will not be able to keep your balance.

By concentrating on your balance and keeping your head still, you will not swing too hard or pull your club away. It will be impossible to put too much strength into your swing. You will be relaxed and will have a smooth swing and a successful finish.

Maintaining proper balance is a prerequisite to the enjoyment of golf. Unlike some sports, golf is a more long term commitment. It can take some time to begin to see a marked improvement so you must be patient. Just concentrate on relaxing and keeping your balance while keeping your head still and you will be shooting low numbers that will be the envy of your club.

by Gregg Hall

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