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How to Know What Defines the Best Golf Drivers

Why is it considered the most electrifying club in your golf bag? Why is it the first club anyone talks about when equipment is brought up? Why is it what everyone wants?

The answers are simple – POWER. It’s all about the power of the long ball. The golfer who drives the ball the furthest is considered the man of the moment, and everyone wants to be that man. I guess it’s an ego thing.

This mind game is played among all golfers from beginner to professional. It is one of the main driving forces behind the design of today’s best golf drivers. The manufacturers are continually coming up with newer and better drivers than go further and straighter than the competition. They come in all shapes and sizes with the bigger is better attitude coming out on top.

A lot of the big oversized drivers are built to the largest legal size specifications under PGA rules and regulations. Combine that with the ultra-thin super springy club faces. What you get is a kind of loaded canon. These clubs launch the golf balls high in the air and really long. We must emphasize really LONG.

A lot of the club makers have even taken the grooves off the clubfaces around the sweet spot areas. This is to reduce spin and allow the ball more distance with less resistance. What this also causes is less accuracy off the tee. But most golfers are willing to give up a little accuracy for more distance.

Now if you throw in the new technology in today’s golf shafts it gets a little crazy. With all the different types of graphite, the raised and lowered flex and kick points, and now even tipping it almost seems out of control.

Wow, that’s getting crazy. There is such a huge amount of possible grip, shaft, and clubhead combinations it can be confusing to the average golfer. But not to worry, there are a ton of great resources out there to get you fitted correctly.

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