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How Your Sex Life Can Improve When You Stop Coming Over The Top In Your Golf Swing

Would you agree that coming over the top (in your golf swing) is one of the most frustrating problems to have in the game of golf?


Well, consider this:

If you manage to fix that OTT problem, you’ll start hitting better golf shots. You’re going to begin feeling a whole lot better about your game…about yourself too.

And just like that misery, that won’t let go after a bad round of golf, there’s a good feeling you get, as a result of playing a good golf game because you fixed that OTT problem. It tends to linger too.

Sometimes for days.

Now, imagine playing again, and your OTT problem is nowhere to be seen. Your golf shots are becoming more consistent. Your scores are getting better. They’re dropping bit by bit…and all the while, your confidence is growing.

And what does the opposite sex usually find among the most attractive characteristics in a person?

That’s right, CONFIDENCE.

(Not to be confused with arrogance).

And now that you’ve got their attention, you’re starting to realize that you’re not a loser like you thought you were on the golf course all that time. In fact, you’re beginning to feel like you’ve got a lot to offer. – All because of your newfound confidence.

You don’t need me to spell out where things can go from here. But I would like to point out what is at the root of this new self-assured person you’ve become.

You went out and bought Two Simple Adjustments That Will Stop You From Coming Over The Top, In 5 Swings Or Less.

Note: While I cannot guarantee that your love life will certainly improve. I CAN guarantee you will stop coming over the top in your golf swing.

About the Author
Joe Pena is an avid golfer. After taking lessons and still not fixing his OTT problem, he distilled the problem down to its root cause. As a result, he developed “The Two Simple Adjustments” and has helped golfers fix it in just 1 Lesson which can take less than 15 minutes. You can find out more about it at

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