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The Biomechanics Of A Golf Swing Can Teach You Plenty

The biomechanics of the golf swing can be very revealing about the game of golf and specifically the scientific difference between amateurs and professionals, winners and losers.

But what is biomechanics?

Biomechanics or Motion Capture Technology (MOCAP) is the mechanical analysis of body motion. Studying and understanding the physics of a golf swing by analyzing the biomechanics of the golf swing can be very revealing. This is usually achieved with the help of high-speed video technology.

The twisting golf swing produces a torque on the golf club. The greatest determinant on how far you will hit the ball lies in the speed at which the club will be moving at, as it connects with the ball at the bottom of your swing. The faster your club will be going at the bottom of your swing, the greater the amount of kinetic energy that will be transferred from the clubhead to the ball and the further the ball will go.

Results from the close study of the biomechanics of a golf swing indicate some fascinating facts. For instance, professional golfers can generally achieve a clubhead speed of 100 M.P.H. at the bottom of their swing. Fascinatingly, however, legendary golfer Tiger Woods can reach up to 125 M.P.H.

How does Tiger do it?

Most people do not remember the dramatic entry of this amazing golfer into the game at the tender age of 20. As studies in the biomechanics of a golf swing have clearly proved, Tiger is responsible for taking the golf game to a new level. For the first time, there was a golfer on the world stage who took their fitness very seriously and exercised regularly. And not just any exercise, but exercises in a program that was golf-specific.

You really cannot argue with studies in the biomechanics of the golf swing which tell this amazing story about what exercises can do to a persons’ game.

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