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Why isn’t your golf swing improving? Have you ever had your golf swing analyzed? That’s not just having a golf professional look at your swing but check out your golf swing plane, posture, your spine angle, balance, and general biomechanics. If you haven’t you are not having a true swing analysis done.

You understand the basics… how to hold the club, where to stand, but things go wrong from there. The reason your golf swing goes astray when you take your club back is that your biomechanics are faulty. For example, if you have a functional short leg on your left side when you take your stance your hips will rotate resulting in an open stance. You might think that you are square to the target line, but you are not.

With your poor biomechanics, the club is being forced into an out-to-in swing so you will hit the ball with a clockwise spine. Correcting your hip and spine angle will square the clubface at impact so you can hit the ball with an anti-clockwise spin. The hips and shoulders must return to a square position this will not only cure your slice but you allow distance from more power being generated from the correct body turn and the square clubface. If your hips are rotated you will not be able to align your feet, hips, and shoulders square to the target. If your posture is corrected your muscles will groove your new swing so you will naturally return to a stance with a square clubface. Also if your hips are rotated your center of gravity will not be right this will force your shoulders to turn too quickly with an open stance due to a poor hip rotation the body will be in front of the ball. If your spine angle is wrong you will not set up with your head behind the ball you will begin your downswing before you have complete your backswing with your arms.

Every golf swing fault can be analyzed this way. That’s why your golf swing is not improving. You are not addressing your main piece of golf equipment…YOUR BODY…and how it affects your golf swing. This is why you have difficulty repeating a good shot. Your biomechanics aren’t grooved to a good swing. Muscle memory is going to return you to a poor posture unless it is retrained. Your golf professional is telling you to have good balance, keep good posture, and maintain your spine angle throughout the shot. But how can you maintain your golf swing if your body won’t allow it? You need your golf swing analyzed from a biomechanical point of view to determine how your posture and muscle imbalances are affecting your swing.

So I broke the golf swing down from a purely biomechanical view. How does your posture affect your swing? Can it cause you to hook, slice, hit the ball fat or thin, etc? The answer was yes. Because as your posture changes so does your swing plane. Then I looked at the variations in posture. Can they relate to swing faults? …Yes, they are definitely related to every swing fault. So I came up with a basic equation. Muscle imbalance = poor posture = poor swing. I looked at every posture and muscle imbalance and came up with a simple formula to analyze these faults related to a swing fault. So this is how Get Fit to Golf and the ChiroFit Program was born. If you can maintain a constant posture and spine angle through a shot you will be able to repeat the same swing and return the clubface square to the target line. I also looked at well-known golf champions past and present, from Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Tiger Woods, etc. Even though they have variations in their swings at first glance if you break their golf swing down they all have something in common. At the impact zone, they have maintained good posture, spine angle, and balance, and they are able to repeat this. Tiger woods is a good example. When he first came on the golf scene he had the best posture of any golfer I had seen.

If you want to improve your golf game, your golf swing training and analysis should have a physical component. Have your golf swing analyzed from a biomechanical standard and then fit it into your game. This is the basis to Get Fit to Golf. An easy to access online assessment process which will highlight and analyze your golf swing faults and then you can download a tailor-made easy to use the program all done online. All it takes is 30 minutes of posture balancing three times a week to dramatically change your golf swing and improve your game for life.

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