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Golf! How To Power That Drive Away

Anyone who tells you, that he or she would not like to hit the golf ball further is either a liar or Tiger Woods.

Drive for show and putt for dough may be sound advice, but if you ask the average weekend golfer whether they would like to putt like Brad Faxon, or regularly belt the ball like Tiger, most would opt for Tiger’s power off the tee.

It is this fascination with power in golf that prompt’s me to write this article and provide a golf tip.

A couple of facts first, that were discovered two or three years ago, by the teaching profession in the USA. These were, that by using the golf swing, test robotic arm generating a clubhead speed of 100 mph, the golf ball, on average, would go around 265 yards.

However, if the clubface is opened by 2 degrees only, then the distance reached was only 225 yards, with the same clubhead speed. Again by opening up the face to 4 degrees, the distance covered was only 185 yards.

This shows that distance is not just about power, and clubhead speed, but also hitting the ball squarely with a nice golf swing. This may sound like common sense, however, many golfers are trying to hit the ball with the incorrect golf swing.

So, what is the secret of achieving maximum power? My golf tip is this:-

Speed can be increased, by setting the wrists into a cocked position early, and on the downswing keeping the wrists cocked for as late as possible, and then swishing through the ball. This is similar to flicking your wrists when using a badminton, squash, or tennis racket.

Power comes from having as full and flexible a body turn as possible, plus creating a wide arc. The powerful muscles of the legs will also help.

To generate maximum power, it is essential that the start of the downswing be calm and unhurried. This enables the golfer to build up speed so that the golf club is still accelerating when it reaches the ball. Finally, ensure that the arms are fully extended through to a high finish.

A key point to note is that the hands control the position of the clubface, keeping it square at impact.

Golfers, who are inclined to hit at the ball with their hands rather than a nice even tempo golf swing through the ball, find that they lose a lot of power, and hence distance.

Slow, smooth tempo wins every time.

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